About Gunies.io

Gunies.io is one of the top MMO strategy io games. Launch combat against multiple online enemies throughout the world and you need to be the ultimate player! Every joiner will be dropped into two teams, the Red and the Blue. Try to roam in Gunies.io unblocked carefully! Otherwise, you can be killed if you are noticed while you have not prepared for anything. It’s also great to hide behind walls or climb up to a high are to look around! It’s useful to supervise every activity nearby and make a plan of your own! Play Gunies.io free and always boost up your aim! You will seize more opportunities to knock down the foes and score. Keep in mind that the winner will be the group that gains enough 100 kills first! Therefore, finding appropriate tactics within the battle is really meaningful. t’s time to connect with the arena and show your shooting ability! Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD keys to wander, Space to jump, Left-click to shoot, Right mouse to aim, R to reload, Shift to sprint, 1-2 to pick another weapon

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