About GooseGame.io

GooseGame.io unblocked is settled in a narrow pen where all the geese must fight one another for their ultimate survival. After angering the farmer by taking his stuff and getting him angry throughout his daily chores, the geese were locked away in a pen by him. When they are all locked there, they turned their efforts towards each other, sparking a battle for survival. You play as one of those geese trying to get through all the toughness of this pen and seeking a chance to survive. The pen is so narrow and there is not enough food for all the geese. Hence, you must manage to get enough of it to get your size bigger. Growing size also allows you to grow your strength. With more strength, you will find it easier to take on other enemy geese. You must go hunt for the smaller and the weaker ones then quickly defeat them all while protecting yourself against the bigger ones. You should power up yourself through over time and develop your strategies to get an edge over your opponents. You only have one chance to win, so do whatever you can to survive as well as fight with excellent skills to be the first in the rank. You need to make sure you make all other geese fly out of the leaderboard to make way for your victory. Enjoy GooseGame.io online for free!

How to play

Your goose’s movement is controlled by the mouse. Attack enemies using the left mouse button and the sprint using the right mouse button.

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