unblocked is a super awesome combat-based io game taken in a vast arena full of online players who have to fight one another to be titled as the ultimate champion. Before stepping into this conflict, you can pick a skin for your character, nickname him/her and choose a weapon you like, such as Maces, Axes, Samurai Swords, long words, etc. Once the battle commences, make your way through the arena trying to deal damage to your rivals using your weapon. You just need one hit to slay one, but make sure you defend yourself because someone can do the same to you. Don’t forget to pick up some jellies dispersed on the ground to boost your score and make your weapon longer. Also, the dash ability will become the savior for you when you need to flee away from danger. If you fight with good strategies, a chance for you to vanquish the Goons arena will be very high. Much fun with Goons io game!

How to play

The mouse is used to perform the movement of your character, attack enemies using the spacebar or the left mouse. Use the dash ability by clicking the right mouse or key W.

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