Go! Eat! Bomb!

Shellshock.io Publisher
Shellshock.io  Date PublishedSeptember 23, 2019

About Go! Eat! Bomb!

If you want to master another funny and fascinating io game, you may think about trying Go! Eat! Bomb free unblocked. Much like Agar.io in terms of gameplay mechanics, you also control your small creature around the map trying to eat a lot of objects, monsters, and smaller players. There are some things you cannot eat, including bombs and larger enemies. Bombs will make you explode and enemies will wipe you out of the arena if you stay close to them. You have to pay attention to your eye color with the indicator on the left side as well. If they turn red, open your mouth quickly before you get blown, causing the game to be over. Try to keep your character alive for as long as possible until you hit the top of the leaderboard. Think you can become the largest monster in the entire arena? Come to try it now!

How to play

Use the mouse to move, use the left mouse to open the mouth, and press keys 1-5 to utilize the items you have purchased.

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