About GiftHunter2.IO

Be a hostile or a relaxed player in GiftHunter2.io unblocked! This is a continuation of GiftHunter.io the first chapter with more features to explore. If you love to play Christmas fighting games, make sure you will not skip this title as it is a fun game to master. Set in a big arena, you have to move around it carefully in the shape of a Christmas Gift armed with a gun. It’s so cool to think about being a gift for Christmas and is able to shoot enemies, right? You will have an amazing experience with GiftHunter2.io game. There are three game modes you can pick in this title, namely Team Mode, Capture The Flag, and Private Party Mode. Pick your favorite one then jump into the battle! Because the real opponents are blended with other objects in the arena, you have to figure out which ones are the real players and which ones are just objects. For the players, kill them quickly before they defeat you. For the objects, like trees, snowman, and gifts, you can use them as a cover to avoid getting caught by the enemies. The more enemies you slay, the more scores you will earn. Keep evolving yourself with good scores until you get to the top place on the leaderboard to become the winner.

How to play

Shoot enemies using the left mouse button. Press Q to change to the knife.

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