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About Gallons.io

Gallons.io unblocked is a strategy io game in which you have to collect gallons of water and try to beat your opponents. To that goal, you must generate water piping systems to pump then obtain gallons of water from the ponds. Make sure you grow the size and capacity of your piping network by adding more pipes and pumps. As you advance your levels, you will get access to better equipment. Try to keep your network safe from other players because they will attempt to attack your system. You should link the pumps with the ponds using the pipes as well as add defensive items to your base. If you want to attack enemies, you must deal damage to their piping systems as well as their base pumps. Any player with the most amount of water collected at the end of the game will win. Play Gallons.io free online now! Have fun with it!

How to play

Move your character using WASD, look around using the mouse, place objects and attack enemies using the left mouse button, rotate objects using the right mouse button, use the mouse wheel scroll or HUD, or number keys 1-9 to change tools, use Enter to chat, L to lock objects and Insert to show ping.

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