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About FNF vs Ritz

You can play FNF vs Ritz free online now to enter the fun competition with Ritz mouse. Both BF, GF and him are eagerly waiting to get into the fast paced and long notes.

FNF vs Ritz Full Week remains similar with many other FNF mods available on our site. But it brings a new character image, along with many new music and creative new backgrounds. You will see Ritz, a mouse that is smart and loves music but is full of arrogance. He challenges you and the GF in songs with many long, quiet notes. Other than usual, musical notes will appear more often, so you may have difficulty with them. But the classic gameplay remains the same, that’s how you complete the notes with the arrows on the keyboard. You should observe more carefully to hit the right arrow corresponding to the musical note. If you miss any notes, you will see your score decrease and you need to work harder to get it to 100%.

There’s not too much new in this Friday Night Funkin unblocked. But new characters and more unique tracks are enough to keep you entertained for a week. Start by choosing your favorite music, then wait a moment for it to load and start playing right away. You will find everything quite easy at first, but the challenge will increase as the music speed increases. Besides, your opponent is a pretty smart player and he seems to be very proficient with long notes. So this skill may not be to your advantage, though, you have many ways to win. If you fail, you can play again and again and you will see progress over time.

This mod comes from:

  • Sepol: The person in charge of the music section.
  • Sonicrack YT: The person in charge of graphics.
  • DylanTeAnima: The person in charge of animation.

How to play

Press “Enter” to enter the match, use the arrow keys on the keyboard to play music