About FlyOrDie.io

Flyordie.io unblocked is a tough survival game forcing you to compete against a host of online players. You become a small fly flying around a huge map and you must do anything you can survive in this deadly world. As a small fly, you are too weak to fight against other players with wicked animals, you the first thing you should do is to find some food as well as attempt to get through some basic challenges using your skills. If you stay alive for a long enough time, you can level up then evolve your small fly into a new animal that is much bigger and much stronger. When you come across a certain animal, you have to remember that it has its own predator that can eat you up easily. Be aware of it, keep moving and don’t turn yourself into someone else’s food, otherwise, your adventure will be over. The battle will be harder as more rivals will come out and challenge you to more matches. You have to defeat all of them, survive in the wild then become the best animal of all! Much fun with Flyordie io game!

How to play

Direct the movement of your fly using keys WASD, and click the left mouse to fly.

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