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Shellshock.io  Date PublishedMarch 2, 2021
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About Fallerz.io

Fallerz.io Unblocked, a multiplayer .io racing game, has much fun, and you can play Fallerz.io free online on both your computer and your mobile phone. In this beautiful and colorful world of Fallerz.io, you will become a small and cute sentient lump of color. Your job is to run and overcome all the obstacles and other chunks of color, then become the last lump of paint in the game.

Fallerz.io unblocked is a beautiful, colorful world but still too harsh. There will only be one winner. Will it be you? or someone else? On the way to ultimate victory, there will be tons of troubles, thorns, obstacles that you must overcome, and above all, you must be faster than all of your opponents. It’s a one-to-one battle, will you or will another player survive? You will be competing directly against many other players. Don’t worry if the game takes too long to pair players, after a certain amount of time, the game will automatically add bots into vacant positions.

How to play

WASD: move. Space bar: jump. Mouse: change your view.