About EvoWarriors.fun

EvoWarriors.fun is one of the featured Moomoo.io style Io games. It’s entirely available for all to play! In the new top-down match, you need to become the strongest character if you want to take over the leaderboard. It’s really essential for you to eat everything safe after you have already begun! So, what you can find and collect to consume in EvoWarriors.fun unblocked will comprise steaks, milk, eggs, and more. Aside from helping you regain health, they are very effective to allow your players to grow bigger. Not only that, you can increase your own experience point and unlock another exciting stage. When you level up, you will get more powerful for sure. Join EvoWarriors.fun online you will obtain upgrades when you progress like that, too. Try to take advantage of every ability you have so as to conquer the rankings in the shortest time! Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to move your player, Left Mouse to hit, Right Mouse to speed up

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