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About Droll.io

Droll.io looks like a troll Battle Royale game. It’s about a cool and addictive title including a series of exciting quizzes. Besides, it is a playfield where you can meet up with multiple players and compete against them online. At the start of each stage, you will receive a clip. By watching it, you are able to solve the mystery. It’s really interesting to play Droll.io unblocked through numerous fun and unforeseeable popular internet videos! Don’t forget to guess the ending before its secret is unlocked! Further, it’s completely free for you to discuss the outcome with persons who are also following the content with you in real-time! After spending a few seconds to understand the setup of those short films, you can select one of the four options available. Next, wait to see whether if you were correct or not. If you are right, you will obtain coins. Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse button to interact and choose the answer.