Drednot.io Unblocked

Drednot.io unblocked is a battleship game centering on a tough battle where players must direct the movement of their dreadnought ships on the seas to fight one another for the ultimate triumph. In Drednot.io game, everything will be built up from scratch, starting with your own dreadnought ship. You can pick any kind of ship that you want then start to create it. Make sure you arm the ship with a wide range of guns, strong armor, and other attachments so it can become a fast destroyer that is able to slay all enemies standing in your way. When you engage in a fight, you should also equip yourself with new materials and weapons that you have crafted before. Also, pay close attention to your ammo as you can run out bullets through over time. To have a mighty vessel, you can think about joining forces with other friendly players. By working together, you can defeat the tough opponents easily. You aim to become the largest and the strongest dreadnought ship on the server. Play Drednot.io free online!

How to play

Perform the movement of your ship or climb a ladder using WASD. You can jump or leave a ladder using the spacebar. Use the left mouse to interact with objects, the right mouse to use an item. To drop an item, press Q, to zoom, use the mouse wheel scroll and press C for a fast zoom. Chat with your friends using Enter and open the scoreboard using Tab. 

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