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About Drawaria.online

Let’s draw and guess words in a super fun io game called Drawaria.online! As in most of the other drawing and guessing games that you may have tried before, in Drawaria.online, you also have a chance to hone your skills and meet new friends from around the world. The gameplay remains the same, but it will guarantee to bring you more fun. You also take a turn to draw stuff while other players have to guess what it is. You will earn a lot of points if their answers are correct. When somebody is drawing, your mission now is to guess the correct word as fast as possible for a high score. Try not to let other players outwit you in guessing words! You should accumulate the most points possible for a high chance at winning when all rounds come to a finish. Think you can become the winner of the game? Give it a try now! Much fun!

How to play

Use the left mouse to draw, erase it with the right mouse, change the brush’s size using the mouse wheel scroll, brush with key B, erase with key E, fill with key F, and use keys Z/U to undo.

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