Publisher  Date PublishedJanuary 21, 2021
4.5/5 - (22 votes)

About unblocked is one of the most challenging io games free to play on! When you play online, you may feel like it is similar to other io games, like, when it’s also about collecting resources and creating a base for your survival. When you enter the arena, there are many things to do, so get your skills ready!

In this title, you have to hit rocks and trees for stones and wood. Once you have collected those resources, you will use them to create walls as well as gold diggers. When you place walls, your base will get protection. For the gold diggers, you will get gold through over time. Watch your surroundings as you play because other players can be hostile and willing to attack you when they have a chance. As you play, you must pay attention to your level. The man goal of game is to level up yourself by collecting resources. You have to become the top-ranked player to win. To that goal, try to defeat all enemies as well as create a huge amount of resources to increase your rank. Play game online now!

How to play

Use WASD for the movement, use the left mouse button or spacebar to gather resources or attack enemies. Use Q to select health potion quickly, the right mouse button to select quickly using empty hands, use E for auto attack, number keys 1-6 or click the mouse to select items. Use I or Tab for inventory, P for shop window, Enter to chat, and Esc to close windows.