About DinoRoyale.io

DinoRoyale.io free online centers on another epic battle royale deathmatch, and this time, you become one of the bravest dinosaur fighting against other enemy dinosaurs controlled by real players worldwide. As in most of other battle royale games, in DinoRoyale.io new io game, you will be taken through from this challenge to another one trying to fight for your ultimate survival in a ruthless arena. As a small dinosaur when spawning, you must grow your size by eating as many fruits dispersed on the map as possible. After reaching a good size, you will be ready for the clashes! Make sure you win over all of your enemies by eating them before they have a chance to eat you. Getting eaten by a certain enemy dinosaur will cause your game to be over, so you have to be careful when coming across big dinosaurs. Try to get your name to rise to the top of the leaderboard in DinoRoyale.io game!

How to play

Move your dinosaur around the map by clicking the mouse only.

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