Diep.io 2

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Shellshock.io  Date PublishedMay 3, 2022
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About Diep.io 2

Diep.io 2 is the place for you to start an endless battle with other opponents. The only way to win is to control the cannon intelligently and increase its power up.

In the game, your task is to control your cannon to move and attack symbols on the way. Your cannon will have a certain color to distinguish it from other opponents. Of course, you must attack symbols of the same color on the map to increase XP points.

Increasing the XP score is the most important goal that you need to achieve in Diep.io 2 unblocked. After that, you can exchange the XP points you own to upgrade skills and make the character stronger. As you become stronger, you can think of attacking weaker opponents to increase your strength.

There are many upgrades in this game, each upgrade will have different effects so you need to consider carefully. For example, Turret will help your character fire more bullets, or Unit will increase defense and more. We think that upgrading evenly between skills will be the best method when experiencing Diep.io 2 3D.

Besides trying to increase XP points, you need to have an effective strategy to become a winner. Basically, this multiplayer action game will allow you to confront many enemies around the world. Therefore, you should avoid opponents stronger than you in the initial stage to ensure safety.

Play Diep.io 2 free online, you will quickly notice the familiarity of this game compared to the first version. Although the combat mechanics remain the same, this game has had certain improvements to make the gameplay more refreshing. Are you ready to enjoy exciting battles with the goal of becoming the strongest on the map?

How to play

Control the character with the WASD button and use the mouse to adjust the direction of the shot