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About Deadwalk-io

You are going to cope with waves of zombies in DeadWalk.io game. Do you want to kill them all and survive until the end? You must play with smart strategies to obtain that goal in DeadWalk.io unblocked. The entire arena is full of zombies. You will carefully make your way through the map hunting for supplies and use them to shoot zombies before they kill you. In case the battle is getting harder, you can choose to hide in buildings to save your life. Equip yourself with all kinds of weapons then use them to dish out more damage to the enemies. Using advanced weapons can help you survive longer. Plus, don’t forget to use your smart strategies when you have to deal with tough zombies. Watch out for other opponents besides zombies. If you can manage to outwit them and kill more deadheads than them when time runs out, you will become the winner. Play DeadWalk.io unblocked for free now!

How to play

Navigate your character around the map using WASD. Use number keys 1-4 to choose a weapon. Use the mouse to aim, click the left mouse to shoot and use Shift to roll.

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