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About DarkNova.io

Feel free to express your shooting ability in DarkNova.io unblocked! For all the fans of top-down shooter io games, DarkNova.io online will be a nice option to master. You will be thrown into an arena where you have to kill your opponents using your ship armed with strong weapons. With your teammates right beside you, it will be easier to get through some challenges as long as you guys always support each other. Teamwork is a crucial element to your success, hence, make sure you stick with other members in the team to finish off all enemies from the opposing team without troubles. If you collect more kills, your rank will be increased, and you can earn more money. Then, go purchase some new ships using your earned money if you want. Try not to die, or else you will be a spectator for the rest of the round. Can you lead your team to triumph and build your dominance in the arena?

How to play

Use WASD to control the movement of your ship, aim with the mouse, use key Y to open the shop and key F11 to play the game in the full-screen mode.

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