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About Dangerous Space Flight

Dangerous Space Flight unblocked is a business and strategy space game from the io games series. In the game, you are provided with a rocket company that sells tours to the stars in space. The first mission you do is to create a rocket with a unique appearance so you can draw the attention of the customers. Then, you can sell tickets and take them to the stars for an epic adventure. Make sure that your ship can go farther and it must be safe when taking the passengers into space. You have other opponents trying to outplay you by getting more customers. You need to improve your ship frequently in terms of aspects, including thrusters, fuselage, fuel supply, and accommodations. You will earn more money if more passengers come to buy tours from your company. Play Dangerous Space Flight online to show your skills then see if you can beat all opponents. Have fun!

How to play

Use the left mouse button to interact with objects and the menus in the game.

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