About CrazyBattle

CrazyBattle is a new intense 2D shooter iO game. Battles that you are going to join will be set on a distant abandoned island filled with deadly barrels. Drop into the arena and remember to avoid these items or you can be eliminated immediately! However, you can shoot at them to finish off somebody who is standing next to one of them. More importantly, you have to survive and search for good weapons with essential supplies in CrazyBattle unblocked as soon as possible. Once you gear up your hero carefully, you are able to rush into crowds to find targets and remove them. Try to dodge their hits and score the highest kills to rank up and dominate the leaderboard! Besides, do not forget to build walls after you save enough wood, stone, and iron! They are resources that allow you to craft a shelter, tools, cars, and more. Play CrazyBattle free online it is feasible for you to obtain plenty of achievements like a butcher or an executioner, etc. There are various game modes to choose from and enter, for example, Deathmatch, Zombie. They are rooms that will give you different quests. Have fun!

How to play

Strike WASD to move, Space to land quickly, Left click to attack, Shift to run away, ZXC to pick out favorite wall types, Right Mouse to put down walls, 1-5 to choose items, Enter to chat, E to act

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