Crazy Flasher 4 Publisher  Date PublishedOctober 5, 2022
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About Crazy Flasher 4

Crazy Flasher 4 is a battle action game where you are a crazy gunslinger. You have a variety of weapons to use to fight against opponents and defeat them to win.

Crazy Flasher 4 brings a great yet challenging battle for you to play

You will join a crazy battle in this action game. So, make sure you prepare your weapons then make use of them to fight against your opponents. The gameplay is simple but you have to perform good skills and strategies if you want to win.

Aim and shoot enemies in this battle action game

Similar to Crazy Flasher 3, in this title, you also buy some weapons before you enter the battle. The guns are diverse and each of them has its own strengths. Therefore, you need to choose the ones that fit your playstyle.

After choosing your weapons, you can enter the battle and then use them to fight. Try to watch your surroundings as well as avoid enemy shots. At the same time, you attempt to defeat them. Besides shooting, you can also buy some more guns to strengthen yourself.

Crazy Flasher 4 unblocked makes you feel great when you play it. Try your best to become a good player with a good score.

How to play

  • Move around the arena using WASD.
  • Aim with the mouse cursor and shoot with the left mouse button.
  • Change weapons using 1234 keys.
  • Drop your weapons on the ground using G.
  • Open the map using E.
  • Save your game using Q.
  • Buy weapons using B.
  • Talk to the NPCs using the spacebar.
  • Open the game menu using M.