About Copter.io

Copter.io is a cool shooting iO game alike with Diep.io. Similar to the style of the classic favorite, you will have to fight against multiple online enemies at a time. It is a match in which you have to unlock levels as soon as possible. It is will be an important step before you take over the top spot on the rankings.

It’s completely free for all to play Copter.io unblocked at home or at school! Do not forget to make use of your skills and weapons or special abilities active! They are great to demolish whatever on the path. With experience points that you collect, you can progress and obtain a lot of interesting upgrades. Especially, your vehicles will have the chance to evolve. with epic equipment. Remember to dodge dangerous shots for survival! Are you ready to get every prize and medal or reset the highest score? Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD to fly the helicopter, the mouse to aim and fire, E and X to choose abilities

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