About Cool Snakes.io

Cool Snakes.io unblocked will take the snake-themed game genre to the next level. You can expect to experience better features and gameplay in this Slither style io game. Although the gameplay is nothing much different from its predecessors, you still have to use your good skills to conquer all challenges. You start as a small snake wandering through a huge arena full of glowing pellets. You should devour the pellets as many as possible to increase your size. When you eat them, your size will be grown. After turning into a big snake, you will be able to kill other enemy snakes easily. You can use your big body to encircle them, or speed up to outmaneuver them. Whatever you do, make sure they collide with your body with their heads so you can eliminate them out of the arena. Try your best to survive and become evolve into the biggest snake on the leaderboard. Much fun!

How to play

Use the mouse to move your snake and click the left mouse to speed it up

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