Publisher  Date PublishedMarch 3, 2021
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About could give you the experience of harvesting and driving a trunk around the field? You will like online, this is a multiplayer online io game that combines both online competition and harvest seasons in the fields by truck; you will never grow bored with this game.

In the world of unblocked, you will become a farmer, and you will drive your truck around, trying to harvest as many crops as you can while avoiding crashing onto other trucks or obstacles that you may encounter along the way. This game is upgraded; it is better than common farm-themed games. You will be competing online against many other players. The players with the highest scores will be listed on the yellow version at the top of the game homepage. And as you collect your crops, your truck will grow bigger, you can crash other trucks and steal their crops if you are big enough. So let’s join the game and have some fun with

How to play

WASD or arrow keys: move around.