About ClashBlade.io Unblocked

ClashBlade IO is one of the most popular Free For All io games with a fun-addicting competition. Take control of a normal character and embark on a match with a lot of online enemies from around the real world. The mission of you is to be the most powerful player. If you want to achieve the goal, remember to collect the top score and stay alive! It is a title that is obtainable on mobile devices. It means that it is available for all iOS and Android users to download.

Enjoy ClashBlade IO unblocked you are recommended to always get ready to fight. With the vulnerable weapon that you are given at the start, you can defend yourself and attack everybody. If you choose to enter the Rank mode, you can compete with 49 people left. The challenge will happen in 90 seconds. Attempt to survive and level up! You can evolve and receive better gear. Upgrades play an important role to lead you to victory!

How to play

Move your character in ClashBlade IO by using the mouse cursor

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