Publisher  Date PublishedOctober 2, 2019


In a huge ocean of game, players will become aquatic creatures swimming through waters to seek out foods to get their bodies grown up. Basically, unblocked is a game like The different thing is that you are not an oceanic creature rather than a simple cell. Since you are so small when you spawn in the ocean, you must try to eat as much food as possible to get yourself larger, and once you have enough strength, you can go kill other enemy creatures. Be aware of the bigger ones as they can bite you easily. If you get eaten, your game will be over. Be sure to pay close attention to your stamina bar. You need to prepare some strategies as well as use them to outplay your opponents. Can you swim your way to the top and rule the entire ocean in online? Let’s start your adventure right now!


How to play

Use the left mouse or use the spacebar to speed up. Use the right mouse or key Ctrl to accelerate and bite.

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