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About Chompers.io

Chompers.io is a fun and addicting strategy iO game free for all to play. It is a competitive multiplayer match that you can fight against online hostile characters. Defeat them and destroy bugs as many as possible to earn the highest ranks.

Control a special player in Chompers.io you should defend yourself from every dangerous situation for survival! Similar to Agar.io, you will have the chance to grow bigger. Just wander around the map after you spawn to search for food. Eat treats available on the playfield in Chompers.io unblocked will help you increase your mass. Besides, you are allowed to remove creatures. There are a lot of different weapons to choose from. Like Goons.io, you can speed up to chase the target. However, it’s recommended to deploy that ability sparingly. It’s useful to run away from those who are stronger than you. Let’s explore the arena and conquer the leaderboard now!

How to play

Use the mouse cursor to move around, Left mouse button to attack, Right mouse to boost speed

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