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About Chemz.io

Chemz.io is a fun MMO action game in which you are able to surround and cut off every opponent’s airplane with your own chemtrails. The mission that you need to complete is to become the top player. Explore a new arena and fly around with the plane that you are given. More importantly, you need to poison as many people as you can. When your coverage level is increased, you will see that you are making your vehicle grow in size. Additionally, you can attack more persons. While moving throughout the airspace in Chemz.io unblocked, remember to collect power-ups! They will provide weapons, speed-ups, and larger wings. They are great to help you finish your target in a short time. Play Chemz.io free online and you have to be careful of other rivals. They can kill you and loot your achievement whenever. Don’t run into their trails or you will explode as in Slither.io! Good luck!

How to play

Choose the mouse to move the plane around, Q to release bombs, F to launch missiles, Spacebar to use power-ups

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