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Shellshock.io  Date PublishedOctober 7, 2022
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About Bump.io

Bump.io is a car racing game. It tests your racing skills in an epic race where you have to bump lots of cars for energy and deal damage to them for growing your size.

Bump.io car online brings an epic race to players

The racing competition will be so challenging. Hence, you need to prepare your skills and strategies for good gaming performance. There are lots of enemies trying to defeat, so you need to outplay them for a chance of winning.

It is easy to defeat your enemies when you play Bump.io online with some tips

In the race, you have to compete against other cars controlled by other players. So, it will be challenging. As you control the car, you need to avoid bumping into the boundaries. If you do so, your race will be over.

Make sure you play with good tips. For instance, you can time your click and drag the mouse carefully to keep the car going. When you see other cars around you, you can bump them. When you bump them, you will get some energy.

Besides, your car can be grown up. To do this, you try to deal damage to other cars. The more cars you destroy, the bigger your car will become. Keep playing with those tips until you become the winner of the race.

Bump.io unblocked will be one of the best io games unblocked for you to play. You can give it a try now to prove your racing skills!

How to play

You use the left mouse button and drag it for controlling the car.