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About Bonk.io

Bonk.io game will be a perfect chance for you to become an excellent fighter in a huge arena. Bonk.io unblocked is all about fighting off enemies and pushing them off the edge of the level until you are the last person standing in the game arena. You can battle your friends or any players from anywhere in this world in Bonk.io. Once the battle commences, you will start moving around the map hunting for enemies and quickly push them before they push you back. You can make yourself much heavier to get more momentum, which helps you bash the rivals much further, and also, they are incapable of pushing you around. However, getting heavier will make you less maneuverable, so keep that in mind when you add more strength to yourself. Bonk.io game allows you to generate your own maps to play on them or join a wide range of custom maps designed by the community if you want. Play Bonk.io online now then see if you get titled as the Bonk champion!

How to play

Move your character with arrow keys, and make yourself heavier by holding key X.

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