About Bombers.io

Bombers.io is an interesting 2d title in the same iO shooting games collection comprising voo. Play an addictive competition against multiple online hostiles worldwide. The mission is to become the ruler of the new map as long as possible. Bombers.io should be controlled strategically. It is one of the ways that you use to climb up to the position you want.

After you spawn on the battlefield of Bombers.io free, you will receive a simple weapon only. However, it will help you rank up if you know how to aim and shoot accurately. While you are defeating somebody, your experience will be improved and you can earn higher scores. But, your story in Bombers.io unblocked will not stop there because you have the chance to level up. Furthermore, you will collect some awesome guns. They are helpful upgrades that boost up your power and survivability. Are you willing to unlock all of them? Seize every opportunity to show your skills and do not forget to dominate the top spot!

How to play

Use WASD keys to walk around, left mouse to shoot

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