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About BlockTanks.io

BlockTanks.io unblocked is a unique tank multiplayer game online with team deathmatch and control point mode. Give this one a shot now for a new experience and see if you can beat your rival team. If you choose to join the team deathmatch mode, you must help your teammates destroy all enemies for a lot of points. The team with the best score will win the match. In the control point mode, you have to hold a spot on a map for a long period of time and keep it safe all the time before the rival team captures it. Try not to let any enemies deal damage to the spot, or you will not have a chance to win. You can strengthen yourself by gathering more weapons on the map or use your good tactics to outwit the rival team. If you are a fan of tank games, then play BlockTanks.io free in your browser now!

How to play

Use the arrow keys or mouse to control your tank. Click the mouse to shoot, use F to aim, the mouse wheel scroll or Q/E to change the weapons, press Tab for the scoreboard, and Shift for the help menu.

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