About Bladez.io

In Bladez.io free online, you are a swordsman who has to swing a sword to dish out damage to enemies. Bladez.io unblocked is similar to other sword io games in terms of gameplay, but it will give you a new experience. In the game, you have to move around the map picking up colored grains on the ground. By picking them up, the size of your sword will become bigger and longer, which makes your blade much stronger. You have to watch out for the enemies with longer blades because they can defeat you easily. In this case, you should make a speed boost to avoid their attacks, and you can speed up to chase other enemies too. Your score will be increased as you collect kills. The more score you have, the higher the rank you can reach. When you become a top-ranked player, you will dominate the arena and win the match. Play Bladez.io game for free! Have fun!

How to play

Use the mouse to move your character and swing the sword. Use the left mouse button to speed up.

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