About Black Hole.io

You will definitely have a blast playing Black Hole.io online! This title is the same as Hole.io in terms of gameplay, but you can try it for a new experience. As soon as you spawn in the city arena, you are a black hole prowling around the map devouring as many objects as possible. This is how you will get big! Keep eating until the size of your hole is expanded, which means you can even more food without any issue. However, you still need to keep your hole away from the bigger enemies who are on the hunt for food too. If you get eaten, the game will be over, so try to play carefully and use good strategies to outmatch all enemies. You aim to climb the ladder as well as become the largest black hole in the city. Black Hole.io unblocked will be a great game for all of you. Try it now!

How to play

Use the mouse to move your black hole around the map to eat objects.

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