Big Ice Tower Tiny Square Publisher  Date PublishedJuly 1, 2021
4/5 - (22 votes)

About Big Ice Tower Tiny Square

Big Ice Tower Tiny Square online not only offers difficult challenges, but also creates a certain logic in the levels. Experience the game now for more details.

Big Ice Tower Tiny Square unblocked, this is a game similar to the previous version, Big Tower Tiny Square. Basically, the player will still do whatever it takes to control his character through the watchtowers in front of him. Thereby, set foot to the top of the highest tower to win the final victory.

Accordingly, this game is inspired by famous arcade games. Therefore, it integrates a lot of levels with a huge number of challenges. Players will face meticulously designed obstacles from the details, precision and concentration will be the key to your success.

Overall, Big Ice Tower Tiny Square is a math game for kids. It will help children’s logical thinking develop stronger through interesting but equally logical gameplay. Besides, you can also easily enjoy the game right on the device’s browser quickly.

How to play

  • Move left or right via arrow button or A/D
  • Use spacebar / Z / W / up arrow to perform jump action
  • Return to the last marker with the R button