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About Battlefields.io

How well can you defend your towers in Battlefields.io unblocked? Why don’t you play this io game for free in a browser to show your skills and conquer all challenges? The game features the tower defense element, but this is not the reason making it a boring game to play. In fact, Battlefields.io free online brings you great challenges with epic matches between you and other opponents from around the world. Each player is equipped with a certain number of units. You have to deploy some units to neutral towers and from here, you can approach the enemy towers then capture them. Make sure there are some units left in your main towers because if you don’t have any units there, the enemies will capture your towers, which causes the game to be over. The goal for you in Battlefields.io tower defense game is to capture all towers of enemies to get the victory and become the victor. Have fun with it!

How to play

Select towers to attack and send units to the towers using the left mouse button. Navigate the menu using the mouse.

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