Bad Dolls Publisher  Date PublishedMay 15, 2023
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About Bad Dolls

Bad Dolls are the protagonists in the online fighting game that you’ll join. At present, you can experience four game modes, for example, Co-op, Endless, and more.

Start as one of the Bad Dolls in your favorite shooter game and battle against the newest enemies

And, after you select the doll that you like, you are able to take part in the most interesting game mode. On that battlefield, you must push back the danger coming from them as soon as you can.

In addition to that, you are capable of controlling a set of unique weapons. Not only that, the arsenal will allow you to choose from and use them without difficulty. Meanwhile, you should combine these tools with your strategies.

Unleash the most suitable guns to beat Bad Dolls game and dominate the championship

In fact, each gun or equipment in your html5 2D online match should go with its stage. Additionally, using them with your own tactics will help you become the top champion sooner.

Now, the Bad Dolls gun game with its available modes is ready for you to discover. Good luck!

How to play

In Single-player mode

  • Opt for the Arrow keys to move and collect weapons.
  • Press Space to cause damage.
  • Hit B to change the equipment.

In Two-player mode

Player 1:

  • WADS keys to walk and pick up.
  • C to inflict damage.
  • V to pick another tool.

Player 2:

  • Arrows to move, jump, and gather weapons.
  • K to attack.
  • L to decide on another gun.