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About BabyShark.io

BabyShark.io unblocked is an ocean io game that makes you a hostile shark. Your mission in this io title is to hunt for enemy sharks and pick up gems to increase your points. As a small shark when you first spawn, you aim to get your size bigger by collecting gems dispersed around the ocean. You can hunt for enemy sharks that are smaller than you while trying to avoid the bigger ones. You should run away from them using your speed boost feature because if you get caught, you will get eaten, causing the game to be over. When you collide with sharks that have the same size, you will not lose any gems. Try to hunt for round gems to get 3 points and fish-shaped gems to get 10 points. With a lot of points you have picked up, your rank on the leaderboard will grow higher. Keep doing so until it gets to the top. Have fun with BabyShark.io free online!

How to play

Move your shark using the mouse. Hold the mouse or use the spacebar to speed it up.

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