Publisher  Date PublishedDecember 11, 2021
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About is an online multiplayer game with engaging arcade gameplay. Join the game, players will have to move smartly to become the first to finish in each level.

Compete with other players when play free online will bring you moments of an exciting experience. Here, players will not face any obstacles on the way but have to face many other opponents. On the map, you can easily see the moving location divided by cells with three different colors. With the blue box being safe, the yellow being potentially dangerous or safe, and the red being dangerous. unblocked requires players to stay calm and plan their moves properly. For example, you can move to the green box to be safe, or to be more adventurous by moving to the yellow box. Every move will always find the risk of losing so be very careful. If you are bored with the familiar battle royale io games, try AstroDud io right now.

How to play

Control the character to move with the WASD buttons, and press the Space key to perform jumps. Move the mouse to observe everything around, and press the E key to push the opponent down the cliff