Publisher  Date PublishedSeptember 7, 2019

About unblocked promises to be a perfect io game for your summer. Give it a shot now to experience fantastic challenges and hone your racing skill! free game is all about an ocean race where you will have to control your rubber dingy to slide and race against other competitors from around the world. It’s going to be awesome and fun! The whole race is set in a waterpark. You must quickly race, speed up, then leave all of your opponents behind. You have to till the rubber dingy smartly when you want to accelerate and make sure the angle is set perfectly for the banked corners to avoid falling off of the track. If you launch off the water slide, you will be fallen into the ocean, and the race will come to an end. Make sure you gather many coins on your way so you can unlock new dingy types. Are you ready for the race? Join game now then see if you can win!

How to play

Use keys A/D, or left/right arrow keys or the left mouse to control the movement of your rubber dingy.

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