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About Angry Chickens

Play Angry Chickens Angry free online in browsers now! Similar to other Snake games from the io games series, Angry Chickens online is also about big players eating small players. This time, you take on the role of a little chicken moving around the map to gather as many fried eggs as possible. You have to gather them to get your body bigger. Once you have reached a big size, you can take on other enemy chickens directed by other players. With the long chicken train you have created, use it to kill your opponents. You can make them run into you by speeding up to bypass them. Make sure that you are always on guard when wandering around the map and protect yourself from the enemy attacks. Keep your chicken alive for as long as possible until you become the largest and the angriest chicken on the server. Let Angry Chickens io game entertain you now! Have fun!


How to play

Move your chicken around the map using the mouse.

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