Among Publisher  Date PublishedMay 20, 2021
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About Among

Among unblocked is a game based on the famous Among us game but it is so different from it. You can use this game to kill your time efficiently.

In the Among game, you will control your character to wander around an area. Then, you have to try to collect as much food as you can. For each food collected, your crow will have one more person. Moreover, there are some special things that will help you collect it better. One more thing in this game, you will use your crowd to hit other players to dominate them. If your crowd is less than theirs, you will lose your crowd and lose the game at once. So, this is a survival game and your mission is to expand your power as much as you can, dominate the game as fast as you can. Now you can play these HTML5 games free online on Web Browser.

How to play

Use your mouse to move your crowd and collect things and dominate other players.