Amogus.Fun Publisher  Date PublishedJuly 21, 2022
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About Amogus.Fun

Become any role you want in Amogus.Fun to enjoy the exciting things to come. This is a typical social reasoning game with new improvements in graphics and operation.

In Amogus.Fun unblocked, the system will divide players into two different roles to experience. Each role will have a different way of working towards the ultimate goal of victory. If you have not explored social reasoning games before, you can refer to the roles of each player right here.

  • Crew: This is the faction whose player count is superior to the impostor. The crew is responsible for supporting each other to complete the missions on the ship. At the same time, the crews are tasked with voting for suspicious people to find the impostor in the shortest time.
  • Impostor: The impostor will operate single-handedly and have a single goal of destroying the entire crew. As a smart impostor, you need to act in the most unnoticed situations to ensure safety. When you destroy the entire crew, you win and vice versa.

The way this game works will not change too much compared to previous social reasoning games. We believe that the team to win will be the team that exploits the opponent’s loopholes quickly and accurately. Of course, things will not be that simple because all players are very smart.

As mentioned, Amogus Fun is like a version of Among Us 3D, and everything will remain the same as the original version. The graphics of this game are really good with smooth transition effects. So, do not miss the appearance of this game on our website to discover the visual improvement.

How to play

Use WASD buttons or arrow buttons to move and mouse to navigate