Publisher  Date PublishedSeptember 28, 2022
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About unblocked brings you the exciting online survival battleground to compete with others. You need to consume as many cells as possible to become a large organism.

It is easy to see that this game is inspired by the game Worms.Zone. However, it has many unique new points in both gameplay, visuals and more. This time, you will control a cell and try to get bigger to gain an advantage over the others. Make an effort to become a giant creature and scare everyone!

You will start with a single small cell but can grow infinitely larger. To get bigger, you need to control your cell to eat other cells. In that journey, you need to pay attention to the cells that are bigger than you because they can swallow you at any time.

Once you reach a certain size, you can think of bolder strategies. You can trap others to claim their awesome loot. To do that, you can deploy some unique skills like duplication or recombination of cells. But to activate these skills, you will need to collect items.

Over time, you can reach certain levels and unlock exciting rewards in this iO free game. Therefore, do not hesitate to unlock new skins to decorate your funny cell. Skin does not give survival advantage, but it makes you happy and stand out from others.

So, if you love online, you can play it now in your browser here. It’s great because you can play anytime and anywhere while connecting to the internet. Show off your strategy to become the biggest cell on the map now!

How to play

Move by mouse navigation, click “Space” to split, click E to recombine