or so-called Shell Shockers game illustrates an intense battle among egg characters. The player conducts the game in a first-person position using weapons and tackling other enemies.

The motif is almost the same as others of the io genre with slight differences. However, it fits a large number of gamers due to the easy-going procedure. The content is also straightforward that you have to kill other eggs and keep yourself intact among surrounding threats.

This game is so fun to play, so why not give it a try? Here below are background information that may help you to be the Shooting Best Player! Game

General Information about the

Blue Wizard Digital developed shell Shockers in September 2017. The game is to play within the website platform to find out the battle’s best fighting eggs. It modifies soldiers into eggs with different outfits, weapons, and personalities, so the game is no less exciting.

Through 3-year in development, the game has now developed to Shell Shockers 2 along with the appearance of new modes and integrated control support. The sections below are necessary for you if you want to make the best shots.

Shell Shockers Game Modes

At the moment, the game is promoting three modes: Individuals, team play, and spatula capturing. Details are as below:

  • Individual mode is the battle where single players can play for their excellence. The fight freely against all providing the character to survive. It’s the classic Shell Shockers that get you to know the game better.
  • Multiplayer has shown up. You can group teams and fight others. Even with team play, the rule remains that your team must be the only survival group.
  • When you want no competition, you might be interested in the spatula capturing task. You don’t fight with other eggs in this mode but try to get as spatula as possible. This mode is the very twist about this io game. Multiplayer

Instructions to Play

You can play it online on the wesbite. It’s neccesary to have stable Internet connection of you want a smooth gameplay. Then you can get a username as well as character to enter the arsenal. In some cases, the network you are surfing blocks some websites. But, you can enjoy the game with our Unblocked.

To be a good gamer with Shell Shockers , don’t forget to customize your equipment, pick the team if you want the Multiplayer mode, and check the map before getting into the battle.

At the moment, you have six egg classes to choose from: scrambler, eggsploder, crackshot, whipper, free ranger, and soldier. Each of them comes with different skills and customs weapons, so take the time to pick your best suit.

Tips to Play

Also, you should have a strategy to fight. You can hide in boxes from attacks, but you cannot win if not initiate the action.

There are three egg soldiers to choose from, and each of them shows different skills. Besides, don’t forget to collect packs of eggs during your fight as they increase your bullets quantity.

Another tip to make a successful attack plan is to know your weapon well. You can change weapons consistently, so use them with appropriate distance, tactic, and uses.

At the moment, the game has supported the Gamepad for a better combating experience. Let’s see the Shell Shockers controls with a new accessory in the following section!

Choose your Egg Characters

Instructions for Gamepad

Playing with a gamepad setting promises more tactical moves. With some keys on the keyboards, you can master them soon. And here are those powerful keys:

  • The combination of WASD helps you move around, up and down, right to the left. If you want to jump, the space bar helps.
  • Key E will help you go through weapon quickly and get the one you like in seconds
  • You now can click Q to bomb the enemies and go for another grenade round after reloading with R
  • Always keep your finger at the Shift key as it assists you aim and zoom out the target.


Q1: Can I have private games with Shell Shockers? now has supported private mode. All you need to do is to choose the game mode before the game. Other steps carry on as usual.

Q2: Is the game safe?
Graphics of the game appear friendly with egg characters. You won’t see bloody murder scenes as warriors here only spill out the egg yolk and egg white.

Also, the customs, weapons, and background has been reduced in terms of the smoky battlefield. It will be intense the way you play and plan for the fight. However, the look is safe.

Q3: What are the types of weapons?
Weapons are different among different egg classes. However, you should pay attention to 3 highlight guns: machine guns, shotguns, and rifles. They are iconic for the quality of damage, speed, and distance of an attack.

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